Nature Preserve

Take a peek in to our wonder world

Dedicated state nature preserves are established solely to protect and preserve rare species, the natural environment, or exceptional natural scenery or environmental education opportunities.  

Click here for Rules for Kentucky Nature Preserves.

Waterfall Trail

Our most popular trail that is best seen after a rain when the waterfall is flowing. The trail takes you across the top ledge of the fall.

Length: .55 miles

Approx time:  12 minutes

Moderately easy


Sunrise Trail

Across from the Presley Tyler House, you can explore through the fields of Kentucky native grass and seasonal pond. 

 Length: .92 miles

Approx time: 25 minutes



Sunset Trail

Located behind the horse and goat pastures, the trail offers a spectacular view at sunset and sometimes deer, turkey and coyotes. Trail includes a small pond.

Length: .93 miles

Approx time: 25 minutes


Dragonfly Pond

Dragonfly Pond provides a captivating look into pond life.  Field trips learn about the adaptation of pond residents, their life cycle and how they interact.  Includes an observation deck.

Length: .22 miles

Approx time: 5 minute walk



Manslick Trail (and loop)

In the 18th century, Manslick Trail was the main thoroughfare for commerce.  This trail will lead you to Jackson Pond and one of the Oldest white oak trees in Kentucky.

Length: .75 miles

Approx. time: 25 minutes



One of Kentucky’s Oldest White Oak

Measuring over 17 feet in circumference, this mighty white oak has stood for over 300 years. It is located off Manslick trail  and beyond Jackson pond on the right.

Location: At head of Manslick Trail loop

Approx time: 5 minutes


Tylers’ Trace

Just beyond our Community Garden is Tylers Trace.  Once passage between Moses Tyler’s homestead and his relatives place.  Includes diverse plant and fauna (Turkey tail mushroom pictured above). 

Length: .42 miles

Approx. time: 10 minutes