Rules for Kentucky Nature Preserves

By observing these rules you will be helping to protect Kentucky’s natural heritage.

  • Preserves are open sunrise to sunset (and closed for private events).
  • Trails are open to foot traffic only. The established trail system provides you with the safest and best way to travel through the preserve.  Visitors must not re-route or shortcut the existing trail system.
  • Horses, bicycles, climbing and rappelling are not permitted because of their destructive impacts to the trails and natural features.
  • Electronic sources of noise such as drones, music devices, or speaker phones are not permitted.
  • Motorized vehicles are not permitted.
  • Pets are not permitted.
  • No fishing or hunting.
  • Nature photos welcome. Photo permits required for photo sessions.
  • Collecting plants, animals, rocks, artifacts or wood reduces those things that are needed to maintain nature’s delicate balance. Therefore, collecting, hunting and trapping are prohibited on dedicated state nature preserves.
  • To ensure the natural beauty of each area and to promote visitor safety and enjoyment, camping, picnicking and building fires are not permitted.
  • Remember to CARRY OUT YOUR TRASH.

Rules for state nature preserves are established by 400 KAR 2:090. Any person in violation of this regulation may be liable for a civil penalty of $1,000 per day and possible criminal prosecution as provided for in KRS 224

Blackacre is a visitor-supported nature preserve and historic homestead. .

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