Community Donors and Sponsors


Thank you to all 2020-2021 Donors + Sponsors who gave to Blackacre:


Brown Foundation
Skylight Woods Grant
Daughters of the American Revolution, John Marshall Chapter

Emilie Smith And Judge McCauley Fund | $5,000+

In Memory of Bob Haswell
Sandra Frazier
McCauley Lord

Heritage Society | $2,500+

 Doug Weaver

Homestead circle$1,000+

Edith Bingham
Samuel and Sally Carter
Dennis Craig
Nancy and Tim Pifer
Rod Wainscott

Tulip Poplar Circle | $100+

Dawn Barber

J. Gentry and Rachel and Barden 

Lenny Becht

Linda Berge


Suzanne Brent

Alan and Michelle Clubb

Anne Dill

In Memory of Mel Forman

Belinda Gates

Ronald and Cynthia Gustafson

Amy James 

Darrin Jansen

Joellen Johnston

Laura Kluster

Wendall Lockhart

Kate Lindsay

Warren Lynch

Constance Manz

Jenna McCannn

Terry and Patty McKenna

Abbie McKnight

Davis Marret

Kevin Massey

Joanna Miller

Alexis Mills

Susan Moss
Vincent  Navarra

Lindsey Nicklies

David Rakes

Michael and Judy Roberts

Thomas Roth Family

Susan Toy

Gwathmey Tyler

David Rakes

Andrea Ritman

Laura Robinson

Hannah Self

Steven Shawhan

Carol Shipp

Martin Schmidt

Dennis and Sandy Skees

Ralph Sneve

James and Elizabeth Stapleton

Bridget and Vic Szdylowski

Eric and Susan Speece

Jennifer Velander

Katherine Vonberg

Linda Walker

Stephen Yanoviak

Joan Zink

M. Tyler Ewald Thomas